Saturday, 8 September 2012

Zendala Dare #22 - Monodala

This has been such a busy week!  School has started back up, and it feels like I've been lucky to find a minute to sit down.  Fortunately, I get to teach our Grade 8s Visual Arts this year (as well as a whole whackload of other things, but the Visual Arts is my favourite!), and I've already introduced them to some tangle patterns - on their request.  They love them!  I'm seeing Paradox on journals and scrap pages all over the place!  I can't wait to become a CZT so that I can do this all the time :)

This week's Bright Owl dare challenged us to use only one tangle - a monotangle on a mandala.  I missed last week's dare - not by choice, but I got really stumped.  I loved the mandala, and I started two different tiles, but I could not get it together to complete one (lots of stress about having only one day to get a "new" but old & gross portable ready without proper desks, electricity, air conditioning, or proper ceiling tiles might have had a hand in it).  This week's, though....!!  I chose Hibred as my tangle and I absolutely LOVE my zendala.  You know those weeks when you just create something you love, but you weren't sure you were even going to like it when you started??  That's this week for me!  Here it is:


I also completed a Relay for Life zendala, and thought I'd throw it in here too, just for fun :)

Striping, Fescu, Deelish, Paradox (again!)


  1. I like them both. I wouldn't have thought of Hibred for a Zendala, but this is excellent. The combination of tangles in your Relay tile are great too.

  2. Both very stunning - great shading in your first and perfect highlights in your second - beautiful choice of patterns :)

  3. Beautiful! The hybred one has great shadings. And the relay for life is very, very, very beautiful. It has a great flow, and makes me smile looking at it. It's like the first beautiful day in springtime. I' m glad you did show it here. Lol ;)

  4. Stunning, this zendala. I see candles and I like it.

  5. Both are beautiful. The line work in your first is terrific!

  6. I just can't believe you have such a steady hand, it almost looks like you drew it with the computer!
    I'm a bit jealous ;-)
    No seriously : great tangling!

  7. Wow, that is really impressive- I love it!
    And the Relay for Life one is just lovely :)

  8. Wow, both are very lovely! Hybrid is perfect for this monodala - and you've done it with such perfect lines. Love the black and the tiny circles, and the shading! Your relay for life zendala is also beautifully rendered - and a lovely choice of tangles to represent "life".

  9. Hibred beauty! Wow, the shine is incredible! The relay for life zendala is full of life from the movement to the design...gorgeous both!


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