Thursday, 20 September 2012

Diva Challenge #87

Haven't done a Diva Challenge in a while!  I was away at camp this week with 115 Grade 7 & 8 students, so when I needed a little downtime, tangling was the answer!  I did a basic pinwheel design, and I'm also posting one of the other tiles that I did while I was there.

Pinwheel with hibred
Some of my favourites - 'Nzeppel, Btljoos, Cadent, Nipa


  1. What a great pinwheel pattern!

  2. Hey Ms.Skelton, do you draw your zentangles with pen or pencil?

  3. I draw them in pen - the one you would have gotten with your kit last year. I "string" them in pencil, then do the tangling in pen. :)

  4. Hibred was a great idea for inside the pinwheel! I also like the highlight on the other tile - very nice!

  5. beautiful work on both tiles!


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