Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Diva Challenge #60 - Duotangle vIII

This week has been tangle-tastic for me!  Last Wednesday, Chari-Lynn Reithmeier (CZT in Collingwood) ran a wonderful workshop for some of the ladies I work with who were interested in Zentangle.  I think we may have created monsters!  Apparently we're looking into creating a Zentangle club at work that meets one night after school every week - I love the idea!  While at the workshop, I got my hands on an ensemble kit - a kit where there are 9 tiles, all of which fit together based on a string that spans all 9.  Needless to say, that was my weekend :)  Tomorrow, I'll be hosting Chari-Lynn again as she teaches Zentangle to around 50 of our students in our school.  Very exciting! 
The 9-piece ensemble - unfortunately, I have bad
lighting, so the pic didn't turn out great...

This week's challenge was a tough one for me.  I've never used Cirquital before, and I've never been a HUGE fan of Munchin (although I always like how it turns out, the dots & connecting cause stress.... I'm a perfectionist). Truthfully, I actually like the tile I ended up with - it's certainly different from many of my other tiles.  A fun challenge, Laura!  Thanks!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Challenge #58 - Diamonds

I had trouble with this week's challenge (based on guest challenger CZT Diana Hirsch's Four Diamonds Fund post) - it took reading CZT Erin Koetz Olson's blog (who was also struggling) to get me motivated (thanks, Erin!)!  I needed this challenge today - I absolutely find tangling to be relaxing, and my stress levels were through the roof.  Once I got started, I ventured out and used only one tangle that I rely on (tipple) - the others have never made an appearance in my tiles before, although I love how Squid ended up looking! I think I'm happy with how it turned out, and I feel more relaxed :)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Diva Challenge #57 - Sanibelle

I love this tangle - I used to use it a lot more, but I've been experimenting a lot lately with new ones.  I like that I had a chance to come back to it!  Laura's Diva challenge this week is to use Sanibelle - this tangle reminds me of shells, and it wasn't until I was more than half way through the tile that I decided to add an "ocean-y" feel to it.... I'm not sure if that came through, but once I added Verdigogh (which I had for 2 days after a dinner cruise in Maui), I thought of seaweed & lovely flowing underwater things.  This tile is like nothing I've done before - I've used the tangles, but I feel like this has more movement and flow than what I usually create.

Over the next few weeks, I'm lucky to have not one, but TWO workshops with Chari-Lynn, a CZT from Collingwood, Ontario.  I've been bombarded with requests from teachers at my school for a workshop, and Chari-Lynn has graciously accepted to do a workshop for my colleagues, and then come back to our school to lead an electives class (2, actually!) with some of our Junior/Intermediate students - and of course, I get to be the "teacher-in-the-room"!  I can't wait!

Just for fun (no sanibelle in this one), here's another tile that I did last week - when I couldn't (just couldn't!) do the Diva challenge of using my non-dominant hand..... I'll challenge myself next time on that one!

Happy Tuesday!