Friday, 28 September 2012

Diva Challenge #88 - IX

Wow - I'm WAY later than usual on this week's Diva challenge!!  I'll explain in a moment.... :)

I made an attempt at IX tonight.  I have to admit, I'm not too fussy on this pattern, however perhaps that's because I haven't had much of a chance to "ix-periment" with it.  Here's what happened:
IX, Flux
This week at school was a little chaotic.  We had Meet-the-Teacher night, many ETFO meetings, a PD Day (lots of developing professionally), and just generally a busy week!  I held my first "Zentangle club" meeting and was thrilled to have about 25 kids sign up.  I've placed my order with Chari-Lynn for materials, and am hoping to receive my Apprentice Kit early next week :) Our club will begin once I have all my supplies, and I absolutely can't wait! 

I hope she's okay with this, but I wanted to share a touching story.  I have a student who is in my Grade 8 class who has taken to Zentangle like no other student I've had.  She has created her own blog so that she can participate in (and submit!) Zendala Dares.  I'm so proud of her - her work is beautiful!  I'm posting her link here, so that you may see some of her outstanding work.... please go on and let her know what you think! (Thanks!!)

Happy weekend-ing!  I'll likely have another post tomorrow for the Zendala Dare :)


Please let me know what you think!