Saturday, 11 August 2012

Zendala Dare #18

This week, we're celebrating my dad's birthday... and in honour of his love for barbecuing (and his epic love of hamburgers), my sister commissioned a special "Dad's birthday" cake - it was a (gluten-free) chocolate cake with a brownie center for the meat, and fondant for the fixin's.  It was deeeeelish!!
The best burger ever for the best dad ever!

This week's mandala took me a while longer to do than I'd expected.  I kept seeing Paradox in everything - and I mean everything - and was doing my best to NOT use it (I rely on it quite a bit, and I needed to branch out a little!).  I may do another one with nothing but Paradox... just for fun!
This week's mandala template
Flutterpie, Betweed, Hibred, Flux, Hi-C, Shattuck, Tipple

Additional Zendala!  I completed one with JUST Paradox... much much busier than the first version, but still very cool to see what can happen with the same template!  I love that tangle more than any of them!!
Second Zendala with this week's template - JUST Paradox!


  1. This is a gorgeous zendala. Your choice of tangles works so well; it's filled out; but lovely and peaceful looking.

  2. And I tried to do different than all the others and I see this ... LOL
    Funny to see the same pattern arise :)

    1. I noticed it on yours, too! I hadn't looked at any of them before I did mine, so it was funny that they had similar centers - as soon as I saw the way the pattern was laid out, I knew that was how I wanted to do it (after I convinced myself that I wasn't going to use paradox!).

  3. Isn't it funny how some tangles are just so comfortable and relaxing they get used all the time? I do that with several - paradox is one of my go-tos. Your zendala is very beautiful. Love your cake too!

  4. I love both your zendalas! Like you, I held myself back from using paradox, and also ended up with a similar center!

    Would love to have a piece of that cake right now! Looks great.

  5. I was searching for your zendala's, yesterday i did see it but no time for a comment. I am realy impressed bij your paradox zendala for me i have always some problems whit it. The first one is also pfffff.

  6. Beautifully done and the cake looks great too!

  7. Very cool and beautiful tiles. Very good job. Well done.


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