Monday, 29 April 2013

Diva Challenge #116

I loved this week's Diva Challenge!  The blind string - one of my favourites.  My string ended up being a really closely drawn circle/loop.  I wasn't sure what to do with it, but it ended up kind of creating itself.  I think it has an underwater-type feel.
Striping, Flux, Dragonair, Nipa, Verdigogh, Tipple

Something else that I had wanted to share was my new found love of beading.  I went to a "beginner" workshop last Monday, and began working on a bracelet that required several different bead types, fireline, and A LOT of skill!  I'd never beaded before, and was completely overwhelmed, but when I finished it yesterday, I was so happy with the result, that I'm planning another visit to this little bead store soon (tomorrow or Wednesday, perhaps!). Great - another hobby that prevents me from marking! 

My first-ever beading adventure!  More to come - I've already signed up for another beading workshop!


  1. Love your tile. But I must warn you...beading can lead to huge stashes. I have a desk full of "must have" beads and findings. Your bracelet is lovely!

  2. Your tile is lovely, and good luck with your beading. Your bracelet is lovely.

  3. It does remind me of a seascape! The way it all twirls into the center! I pleasure for the eye to journey in the depths of your gorgeous lines!

  4. Like your tile. Like the shading and stippling on the Dragonair.

  5. Beautuiful tile, funny, how you did the dragonair, looks a bit like my ribbon in my interpretation of this challenge. I like the way you did everything from a spiral. There is a lot of movement in your tile.
    Your bracelet is gorgeous, with great colors, just like the royal clothes of our queen and her daugthers on the day of the crowning of our new King in the Netherlands yesterday..

  6. Ohhhhh...I really love your tile! It does have a 'nautical/beachy/seaside' look to it, but it is an organic beauty.

    Be happy :)

    Jacque Solomon

  7. I like this a lot!
    Like sand, seashells...
    lovley shaded.


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