Monday, 8 October 2012

Zendala Dare #26

It's October already!  Happy Thanksgiving, to my Canadian friends!  I had a wonderful weekend visiting with family, and traveling with my Dad to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto to see world-renowned paleontologist, Phil Currie.  A wonderful lecture, and a fantastic special exhibit (Ultimate Dinosaurs).... we had so much fun!
So, that explains why my dare submission is on Monday instead of Saturday!! This week, Erin's Bright Owl Zendala Dare encouraged us to use "Halloween-y" tangles, or somehow otherwise "Halloween-up" our zendala.  I chose to use some tangles that I felt had a gothic/eerie feel to them.  And then I added a couple of spiders :)
My "Halloweeny" tile - Web, Golven, Striping, Msst

This is the same mandala, but with Halloweeny colours... I used Sakura Glaze
pens - the sheen doesn't show up on the scan, but in real life, it looks pretty cool :)

(please also check out my Friday submission to Judy's Celtic Knot Challenge!)


  1. Great Zendala! I love the dimension in your outer rings and the spiders!

  2. Like the highlight in the outer ring. Really like the combination of colors that you used.

  3. Like Donald I really like the highlihts, it was the first thing I noticed when looking at your zendala. Your 'Goven' is besutiful.

  4. Wow, great dimension in your outer ring!, and I love your dangling spiders. I like the color, but think I prefer the black/white.

  5. beautiful Zendala. Your color choice is great. Love the little spiders. in the middle.

  6. Really great, I love the webs and spiders.


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